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Our Vision

For us, IT and tomorrow's technologies rhyme with Caring, Trust, Creation, Precision, Respect for the Environment

Welcome to Ethic Seido

We are very happy to see you

Our core business

The edition and development of technology services for companies, scientists and individuals. You will find below our range of solutions according to their domain. We work and will work continuously on the improvement of our solutions and on the design of new solutions always ethical.


Overview of our solutions :


Our ES-PublicHoliday solution will offer you several functionalities for searching and managing public holidays in a multitude of countries. We have carried out government research work for each of the countries covered and have designed several precise calculation algorithms for days from specific calendars.

Scientific Research

Our solution ES-IODE, is a virtual research center that will offer you several functionalities for searching documents, studies and scientific archives, as well as a visualization of epidemic statistics in France and in the world.

Cryptocurrency Technology

Our solution ES-Cryptomeria, is a platform dedicated to crypto-currencies, allowing you to follow the price of the 50 best crypto-currencies and offering you an expertise in blockchain investment.

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Our brand is a reflection of our entrepreneurship and our passion in IT technologies (software engineering, infrastructure and cloud) and in specific fields such as scientific research, blockchain technologies and many more. We offer technological services, web services, applications, APIs for companies, scientists, journalists or individuals. Our goal: to be your ally in your ethical digital initiatives.