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Orangutan is first non-human seen treating wounds with medicinal plant 5/2/2024
A male Sumatran orangutan chewed the leaves of a plant used in Indonesian traditional medicine and placed them on a wound on his face
Wild Orangutan Uses Herbal Medicine to Treat His Wound 5/2/2024

Researchers say this may be the first observation of a nonhuman animal purposefully treating a wound with a medicinal plant

Collapsing Sheets of Spacetime Could Explain Dark Matter and Why the Universe ‘Hums’ 5/2/2024

Domain walls, long a divisive topic in physics, may be ideal explanations for some bizarre cosmic quirks

MMR vaccines may not always give lifelong immunity against measles 5/2/2024
Levels of protection measles provided by the MMR jab fall by a small amount every year, according to mathematical modelling
The Famine Developing in Gaza Follows a Clear Pattern 5/2/2024

Famine is affecting an increasing number of people in Gaza, Sudan, Haiti and elsewhere around the globe, and its development follows a clear pattern

Politicians can use social media ads to buy votes for €4 per person 5/2/2024
An analysis of the 2021 German federal elections has found that for every 200,000 times a politician's social media adverts were viewed, their vote share increased by 2.1 per cent - a potentially low-cost way of swinging elections
'Orangutan, heal thyself': First wild animal seen using medicinal plant 5/2/2024
The Sumatran orangutan used a plant known to humans for its medicinal qualities.
UTIs make life miserable — scientists are finding new ways to tackle them 5/2/2024
Researchers are developing vaccines and fresh drug approaches to prevent and treat recurring infections without antibiotics.
US National Academies report outlines barriers and solutions for scientist carers 5/2/2024
Carers need better support from employers, such as paid parental leave, subsidized childcare and relief for other types of caregiving. But is there will among institutions to provide it?
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